Board of Director

1.    Eddy Suwandi (President Director)

Eddy S

Mr. Eddy Suwandi started his career as a salesman for PT. Lubuk Raya in 1968 before becoming Sales Manager of PT. Sanmaru Food Manufacturing in 1971 until 1977. He joined the Company in 1977 and has been a Director since 1985. In 2007, he was appointed as the President Director of the company.






2.       Elys Karis (Director)


Ms. Elys Karis was appointed as  Director since June 2012. Prior to assuming her current position, she held  the position as Deputy Finance Director. Her previous positions included Corporate Finance Manager and Assistant Manager. Prior to joining the Company in 1991, she was an internal auditor of PT. Ometraco. Ms. Elys Karis has a bachelor of economy majoring in accountancy from  Trisakti University.