Company’s Strategy

Business Expansion and Development.

    Pursue and seek new business relationship in the area of distribution and new product to increase sales and profitability.

Improve profitability.

    • To consolidate the distribution area to decrease its distribution expenses.
    • Increase cost efficiency by simplifying the working process, reducing cost and optimizing the productivity.
    • Conduct a cooperation with the principal to deliver the products directly from the factory to the customers.


    • The Company will dispose of unused and unproductive assets and the cash are use to further grow the business.
    • To restructure assets that are not profitable.

Human Resources.

      Develop human resources’ ability in the work place by continuously training the personnel.
    • The Company’s wide information systems are available as daily tools to educate employee to manage based on data, facts and trend.
    • Work meeting are uses as a tool for problem solving and upgrading the interactive skill sets of the employee in facing the ever challenging demand in the service sector.
      The Management believes that these strategies will be effective to drive cost efficiency, increase productivity, to create positive competition among employees to stir high motivation for a better performance and result to the Company.